Europe Forum 2021


Europe Forum 2021



Date     :   1 June 2021 (Tuesday) 

Time     :   14:00 – 16:20 (CET)

Format :   Zoom Meeting



14:00 – 14:15



Registration and Preparations


14:15 – 14:21









Open Remarks


      Mr Hans Poulis

      Vice Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide

      Chairman, Netherlands Hong Kong Business Association


      Mr Silas Chu

      Regional Director, Europe, Central Asia & Israel, Hong Kong Trade Development Council


14:21 – 14:36





Latest Update on Hong Kong


       Mr Nicholas Kwan

      Director, Research, Hong Kong Trade Development Council 


14:36 – 15:30

















Way Forward for Hong Kong Business Associations


Heads of 18 Hong Kong Business Associations in Europe 

[By chronological order of country name]


  1. Hans Poulis, Vice Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide
  2. Stefan Petters, President, Austrian Hong Kong Society
  3. Katerina Daskevica, Acting Chairperson, Baltic Hong Kong Trade Association
  4. Alexander De Beir, Chairman, Belgium-Hong Kong Society
  5. Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, Chairman, Denmark-Hong Kong Trade Association
  6. Salla Auerto, Chairperson, Finland-Hong Kong Trade Association
  7. Eric-Jean Thomas, President, France Hong Kong Business Association
  8. Eike Kuehl, President, German Hong Kong Association
  9. Laszlo Bakonyi, Chairman, Hungary-Hong Kong Business Association
  10. Brendan Foster, President, Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum
  11. Riccardo Fuochi, President, Italy-Hong Kong Association
  12. Rolf Willy Hansen, Prospective Chairman, Norway-Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
  13. Bartosz Michalak, Chairman, Poland-Hong Kong Business Association
  14. Bernardo Mendia, President, Portugal-Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  15. Sergey Vikulin, Chairman, Russia-Hong Kong Business Association
  16. Torborg Chetkovich, Chairman, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden
  17. Laurent Kilias, Board Member, Swiss-Hong Kong Business Association (as proxy nominated by Esther Naegeli, President)
  18. Paul Thornhill, Chairman, Hong Kong-UK Business Forum


15:30 – 16:10



Interactive Session

      Mr Hans Poulis


16:10 – 16:15




      Mr Silas Chu


16:15 - 16:20



Closing Remarks

      Mr Hans Poulis



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