Europe Forum 2017


The 17th Europe Forum was held in Vienna, Austria on 18-19 May 2017 and was attended by chairmen and board members of 16 Hong Kong Business Associations from across Europe. 

This year’s Europe Forum was hosted by the Austria-Hong Kong Society.  Mr. Fritz Bauer, President of the Austria-HK Society opened the Forum by delivering a welcome remarks to all participants.

The Forum discussion was then chaired by Dr. Esther Nägeli, President of the Swiss-Hong Kong Business Association.

Mr. William Chui, Regional Director of Europe of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, updated the members on the latest economic development in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland,  especially on introducing the new HKSAR government administration, and the new developments in economic co-operation with the Chinese mainland including the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.  He invited members to continue to make use of Hong Kong’s platform to seize new opportunities and manage any related investment projects and business activities along the Belt and Road.

Mr. Chui also highlighted the upcoming HKTDC activities and promotions that could help European companies with a special interest in mainland China and Asia. 

Members were then invited to share their views on the European economy and its impact on European businesses, as well as highlighting major initiatives and activity plans for 2017/2018.   They also shared what had been done to encourage young members to join their associations to build up their network to explore the Asian markets, especially on how to capitalise the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative using Hong Kong as the superconnector.

The Europe Forum was concluded successfully by a luncheon hosted by the Austria-Hong Kong Society, and the Association leaders would meet again at the annual Hong Kong Forum in December.