Australasia Forum 2020 (Brisbane, Australia)


6th & 7th February, 2020



Highlights / Outcome of Australasian Forum Discussion


1.  Strategic Direction for HKBAs

  • Connecting all members closely by Federation network
    • It was acknowledged that the Federation is a unique global network.
    • HKABA & HKNZBA presidents all agreed to join the WhatsApp group to foster communication with other association heads.
    • Tangible benefits such as discounts to HKTDC Design Gallery, hotel accommodations etc. are provided to all members as listed on the Federation website.
    • HKBAs members were encouraged to sign up at by 14th February to receive the e-membership card.
    • Incentive of complimentary tickets to the Belt and Road Summit was appreciated by HKABA & HKNZBA.


  • Young Members Recruitment & Engagement
    • Forum participants dedicated much time in brainstorming on how to recruit and engage young professionals to HKBAs.
    • HKABA QLD has an active young group called the YPA (Young Professional Alliance) with regular events.  Unlike traditional seminars, YPA events are catered for the interests and needs of young professionals on both social and business / career aspects.
    • HKABA NSW had appointed two young committee members to co-chair the YPA group.  It was noted that being new, they would need much guidance and would benefit from learning from QLD YPA.  There would be synergies for collaboration.
    • All association heads agreed to commit to youth engagement and identify ways to recruit young professionals.


  • Commitment and Support to HK
    • Despite the challenges of protests in HK and coronavirus outbreak around the world, Forum participants remained optimistic and expressed their commitment to HK.
    • Forum participants talked about the local sentiment towards HK based on their observations.  In general, the negativity caused by the protests had subsided.
    • It was agreed that HKABA and HKNZBA should be prepared once HK is ready to re-launch.


  1. HKABA & HKNZBA Joint Missions to HK

    Associations heads who attended Belt and Road Summit and Asian Financial Forum shared their feedback and suggestions on how to structure the mission program to benefit the members.  Besides the official program, delegates seemed to enjoy informative briefings (e.g. from Australian Consul General) and social activities. 

    Forum delegates agreed to organise the business mission to Belt and Road Summit 2020, HK Forum 2020 and Asian Financial Forum 2021 as each event might suit different members depending on their business interests and needs.


  1. Corporate Governance Principles

    Corporate Governance has always been embedded into the culture of the associations.  HKABA referred to the Not-for-Profit Governance Principles published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  A copy of the snapshot was distributed to all association heads.  HKNZBA has amended their Constitution to clarify and set the guidelines / expectations of the Executive Committee.

    Committee members of HKBAs should also be briefed on the principles.  Policies should be established to ensure compliance.

    Succession planning was discussed in length and commitment members with leadership qualities have been identified as potential associations heads.


  1. Membership

    The revamped website with new features is scheduled to be launched on 1st March 2020.  A demo was provided to Forum delegates to facilitate questions and suggestions.  One of the features is to enable members to upload their profile and photo; facilitating members to identify and connect with relevant contacts.  

    A membership campaign is being planned to boost up the number of members.  Lapsed members will be encouraged to re-join and existing members to renew their membership.

    With the different membership categories (individual, SME and Corporate), chapters may set their priorities depending on local business environment.  HKABA WA aims to increase the number of corporate members while others many focus on individual members.

Networking Dinner with HKABA QLD Committee

Forum delegates took the opportunity to meet with the local committee members of the Queensland Chapter.  Lucinda Chan represented HKABA to thank the committee members’ support and hard work.  Queensland Chapter was recognised as one of the most active associations.  Interactive discussions enabled the local committee members to have a better understanding of the work of the Federation and the activities in other states.



Forum participants commented on the positive vibes and energy throughout the two-day event.  The presentation on the priorities & initiatives of Federation was found to be informative and helpful.  Discussion among participants was constructive and stimulating.  Sharing of ideas and experience provided much food for thought.  Specific action items and priorities have been drawn up.  Overall it was an effective and productive Forum.