Australasia Forum 2017



The Australasia Forum was held on 30th & 31st March in Brisbane, the capital city in Queensland, Australia.  Queensland has been very proactive in promoting trade and investment.  They have also established the Advance QLD Strategy to drive innovation and technology.  A new Trade Commissioner has also been appointed to head up the QLD office.  The original plan was to meet with the new Trade Commissioner and Trade & Investment QLD as part of the program.  However, due to bad weather & emergency evacuation in the city, the networking dinner was cancelled.  Instead, the delegates focused on discussion and brainstorming.


Highlights / Outcome of Australasian Forum Discussion

1. Strategic Focus for HKBAs

HKBAs have agreed to support the Belt & Road Initiative by strengthening the promotion and leading a mission to the Belt & Road Summit.  They will assist in providing logistics and marketing support to HKTDC in doing a road show.  They will also waive the registration fee for the first 20 members who submit registration for the Summit as an incentive to encourage more participation.


2. Membership Drive

Members are seen as lifeblood of the association.  HKBAs always try to offer additional benefits.  However, it has been challenging to increase membership number due to external competition and slowdown of economy in certain states e.g. South Australia.  Delegates had a brainstorming on how best to meet the needs of the members. 

The membership structure is also being discussed and reviewed.  It is suggested to add a new category of “Corporates” for those large companies with a turnover of 2 million or more. 


3. Revamp of HKABA Website

To improve the image and user experience of the website, it is decided to create a new website with membership submission and renewal capability.  It will also reduce the workload of the Executive Officer.  Technology will be used to refine processes and provide standardised templates (e.g. for Business Award entrant / nomination).  It will then enable the Executive Officer to focus on other more important work.

The timeline for the new website is critical as membership renewal will be starting in the new financial year of 1st July.  While it is very tight, it is deemed necessary to complete the project for at least the membership renewal portion.


4. Succession Planning & Corporate Governance

To build a strong association in a sustainable manner, succession planning is important.  Presidents of HKBA are in constant look out for appropriate candidates and offer them the opportunity to take the lead.  At the same time, they also aim to enhance corporate governance of the association.  It is stressed that financial health of the association has to be looked at and maintained.  The Chapters have to submit their quarterly financial reports to the National Office.


5. Young Professionals

HKBAs aim to nurture the young professionals.  Those committee members who have more experience can act as mentors and provide guidance / support to the young professionals.  The delegates had very good discussion and sharing of how to nurture the young professionals.  It is agreed that HKABA Chapters will continue to organise events specifically to cater for the young professionals who have different needs.


6. Promotion of HK Forum

HK Forum is seen as the flagship event of the Federation of HKBA Worldwide.  HKBAs in Australia and New Zealand plan to start promoting the Forum and concurrent events early in the year.  The Chapters set their KPI target in the number of delegates to join the Forum.  They will use the opportunity to expand their network and get the latest updates on HK / China.



Despite bad weather, the delegates have been able to experience a productive Forum.  They have had many constructive discussions and sharing of ideas.  The Forum is also an ideal opportunity to strengthen the bonding among delegates and enhance understanding.  A shared common goal and clear objectives are established.