North America Forum 2018 (Montreal)



The 2018 HKCBA National Caucus was held on May 25 - 26, 2018 in Montreal at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

The Caucus started with the HKCBA National Conference and a Welcome Reception on May 25. The Caucus was staged on the following day. The 2-day event was well attended by over 150 HKCBA members from across Canada.


Highlights of the events are:

The HKCBA National Conference on May 25 featured business and government leaders sharing their insights and experience on business opportunities in Asia and advice on how Canadian companies can leverage the Hong Kong platform to tap these opportunities. The main topics of discussion included the Belt and Road Initiative, Fintech and inbound investment from Asia to Canada.  The HKCBA National Investment Pitch Competition was also held for five startup teams to present their business plan on export promotion via Hong Kong.

The Welcome Reception held immediately after the Conference provided an ideal platform for fellow HKCBA leaders and members from across Canada to network and foster “HKCBA kinship”.  

At the HKCBA National Caucus on May 26, HKCBA leaders reviewed the Association’s achievements in the past year and discussed the direction and initiatives for the coming year taking into account of the latest business developments in Canada and Asia, and the Hong Kong platform. Discussions were also held on such important issues as the Association’s communications strategies, and mutual synergies with the Federation. The HKCBA AGM of Members was also held before the Caucus adjourned.


Caucus chaired by HKCBA National Chair, Craig Lindsay, and participated by HKCBA Section Presidents and members from across Canada
Active participation in discussion by Past-Winnipeg Section President, Ken Wong
Gathering of HK-Canada Business Ambassadors: Craig Lindsay (HKCBA National Chair), Alexandria Sham (Imm-Past HKCBA National Chair and HKCBA candidate to run for the 2018 Federation Office Holders’ election), and Barry MacDonald (Former Federation Chair)
HKCBA Caucus chaired by National Chair Craig Lindsay