North America Forum 2015




The 2015 NUSHKBA caucus was held by National US Hong Kong Business Assoication and Hong Kong Business Association of Midwest in Chicago during June 9 - 10, 2015. In addition to the National Board Meeting on June 9, the members also joined the “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” main symposium on June 10 which further promote Hong Kong as Asia's central business district, the first stop for overseas companies entering the Asian market, and the global gateway to China.

A brief recap of the National Board Meeting as below: 

President-elect for 2016 NUSHKBA

Congratulations to Mr. Robert, Lee, President of HKA-Florida for being elected as 2016 President of NUSHKBA. He will take the lead in organizing our 2016 NUSHKBA Caucus to be held in Florid. 

Nomination of NUSHKBA Board of Directors

According to NUSHKBA by-laws, each member organization can nominate three representatives to sit on the board of NUSHKBA. Since the President of each member organization has to sit on the board, each organization can nominate two more names. 

It was resolved that each organization is to re-submit and nominate two names to be board of Directors of NUSHKBA within one week from 6/9/2015. The names are to be submitted to Gene Hanratty, Secretary General and copy to Chairman, President and Treasurer of NUSHKBA. 

Theme of 2015 North America US-Canada Caucus

It was resolved that member organization is to submit to Chairman and President of NUSHKBA, suggestion on the theme/topic of the upcoming joint US-Canada Caucus to be held on 12/2/2015 in Hong Kong. 

Event Calendar

It was resolved to create a link on NUSHKBA to the event calendar of each member organization. Chairman will work with Betty Young to create this link. Please be reminded to update your respective event calendar.