Awards Programme


The Federation Awards Programme recognises and celebrates the milestones and achievements attained by associations/chapters and member associates. Here are some snapshots from Hong Kong Forum 2019.


To encourage start-up development and create synergy with the Young Executive Programme (YEP), the Excellent Start-up Awards (ESA) will be continued this year. Other Awards (i.e. Best Initiative Award, Youth Development Award & Outstanding Membership Award) will be presented in next year with extended assessment period of 2 years (ie. from 1 Sep 2019 to 31 Aug 2021). ESA winners will be invited to join online networking session at YEP and share their success stories using 1-3 mins pre-recorded video which will be uploaded on Awards’ website.


Now is your time to shine! Don’t miss the chance to spotlight your accomplishments! Submit your applications, share your success stories with us and win valuable prizes!







Late-May 2020 Open for HKBAs’ application
Sep 2020 Application closed
Oct-Nov 2020 Review by Awards Committee
Nov 2020 Result Announcement
3 Dec 2020 Online Networking at YEP Session


- All other terms and conditions of joining HK Forum apply.

- In case of any dispute on the offer, the Federation Secretariat reserves the right to make final decision.