Awards Programme

Come join us to celebrate your achievements!

Every year, four types of awards would be offered to recognise the milestones reached by associations/chapters and associates. Here are some snapshots of the HK Forum in 2017.

To encourage more submissions, we would like to launch our new format of the Award: To hold the Grand Achievement Award (GAA) and Success Story Award (SSA) biennially while Best Initiative Award (BIA) and Outstanding Membership Award (OMA) annually. For details, please refer to the respective award pages.

BIA, GAA, OMA and SSA will be presented at the Award Presentation Ceremony during the 19th Hong Kong Forum on 4-5 December 2018.

The four awards submission include (please click for details)


for overall achievement
For Overall Achievement


For Best Single Event/Project


For Membership Increase


For Recognises Individual Federation Associates for effective use of the Hong Kong business platform for business expansion.