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Exclusive offer for member associates of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide Exclusive offer for (香港經濟日報網站) Subscription Offer and 14-day Free Trial
Member associates can enjoy special subscription offer at HK$250 (regular rate: HK$350). Subscribers can read full version of Hong Kong Economic Times (香港經濟日報), contents cover finance, investment, property, China, self-enhancement news and analysis. Keep you abreast with economic trends and equip for career advancement. Subscribers can also take advantage of "News Search" and "Bookmark" functions to search contents for your work or living at ease! Extra offer : 14-day free trial.

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Terms & Conditions :
  1. Subscription is applicable to all regions.
  2. Free trial is applicable to new member only, within 14 days upon registration.
  3. Offer valid period : from now till 31 December 2011.
  4. reserves the right for final decision in case of any disputes.

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